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Wishing Well

Request Status Age ▼
de-referer parses %20, causing some urls to breakNon Sequitur3 months
fix bluetext (backwards maymay arrows) in bulletinsNon Sequitur6 months
Theme inspired by 2001 geocities / angelfire web designs.Done8 months
windows 95 style doesn't show bold in names, thus making it possible to impersonate other anonsNon Sequitur10 months
Webm support (with disabled audio if necessary)?Non Sequitur11 months
New skin featuring Sprite colors and a Sprite bottle and/or logo.Done11 months
Fixing the broken image uploader.Done1 year
A way to adjust font size?New1.1 year
Bug: The "Cite OP" button cites the topic number instead of OPDone1.1 year
Can we have the "Statistics" button replaced, with an "Autistics" button?Non Sequitur1.3 year
push notifications on citationsDone1.3 year
Uploading multiple images?New1.3 year
An option to censor words like "Nigger" in thread headlines.Non Sequitur1.5 year
Add a gay / trans stylesheet.Non Sequitur1.5 year
webm supportDone1.7 year
[top] / [bottom] fixDone1.7 year
a bbcode tag that changes the text inside to comic sansDone1.7 year
Threaded private messagingDone1.7 year
AnT blue stylesheetDone1.7 year
Make tripcodes coloured (added as disco mode)Done1.7 year
Fix bulletinsDone1.7 year
editing the OP name doesn't workDone1.7 year
check thumbnail size against original and copy original if thumbnail is largerDone1.7 year
editing of name fieldDone1.7 year
Hide image button/hash for ignore list.Done1.7 year
svg imagesNon Sequitur1.7 year
Fix sending UID by e-mail.Done1.7 year
Option for URL links to automatically open in new tabs.Done1.7 year
Hot Topics should show number of replies in () next to headlinesDone1.8 year
Fix >greentexting doesn't appear in spoilersDone1.8 year
Update CWC styleshitDone1.8 year
Caricatures for all Tinychan stylesheets.Done1.8 year
Add CWC/Autism styleshitDone1.8 year
Original name of uploaded images as tooltipDone1.8 year
Image upload via urlDone1.8 year
OracleDone1.8 year
Allow to forget threadsDone1.8 year
Fix OP citation problemsDone1.8 year
Better thread citation notificationsDone1.8 year
add Celebrity modeDone1.8 year
Allow editing images.Done1.8 year