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Wishing Well

Request Status Age ▼
Can we have the "Statistics" button replaced, with an "Autistics" button?Non Sequitur2 weeks
push notifications on citationsDone1 month
Uploading multiple images?New1 month
An option to censor words like "Nigger" in thread headlines.Non Sequitur2 months
Add a gay / trans stylesheet.Non Sequitur3 months
Keep getting this erroe when I post a new bulletin:"Fatal Error (1): Unsupported operand types in /bulletins_new.php on line 100" Tnx.Done4 months
webm supportDone5 months
[top] / [bottom] fixDone5 months
a bbcode tag that changes the text inside to comic sansDone5 months
Threaded private messagingDone5 months
AnT blue stylesheetDone5 months
Make tripcodes coloured (added as disco mode)Done5 months
Fix bulletinsDone5 months
editing the OP name doesn't workDone5 months
check thumbnail size against original and copy original if thumbnail is largerDone5 months
editing of name fieldDone5 months
Hide image button/hash for ignore list.Done5 months
svg imagesNon Sequitur6 months
Fix sending UID by e-mail.Done6 months
Option for URL links to automatically open in new tabs.Done6 months
Hot Topics should show number of replies in () next to headlinesDone6 months
Fix >greentexting doesn't appear in spoilersDone6 months
Update CWC styleshitDone6 months
Caricatures for all Tinychan stylesheets.Done6 months
Add CWC/Autism styleshitDone6 months
Original name of uploaded images as tooltipDone6 months
Image upload via urlDone6 months
OracleDone6 months
Allow to forget threadsDone6 months
Fix OP citation problemsDone6 months
Better thread citation notificationsDone6 months
add Celebrity modeDone6 months
Allow editing images.Done6 months

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