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I drink French Press coffee. (Poll)Bat Nugget is !GrateABlug2442 minutes
U.S. leaving the United Nations?Anonymous493 hours
More marches coming.Anonymous163 hours
I have seen deep between duckys legsAnonymous1146 hours
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Guys, how can you all sleep at night...Anonymous31413 hours
White nationalist Richard Spencer punched in the face; internet celebratesAnonymous21218 hours
This is America.Anonymous142320 hours
Namefag, what do you think of Neel Kolhatkar?Anonymous591 day
Why is barron trump so tall?Anonymous1151 day
The Right Wing's Eternal God Emperor approves the people's right to protest.Anonymous5191 day
what do you want me to do next (Poll)Eternal God Emperor Obama1131 day
I'm still in chargeEternal God Emperor Obama3171 day
Donald Trump is aborting unborn childrenAnonymous3111 day
FUCK all of you assholes.....suck my asshole till you taste peanuts..Anonymous6251 day
ATTN: LiberalsAnonymous4171 day
Even kook can't pretend this pit bull isn't adorableAnonymous3201 day
ATTN: Donald J Trump supportersAnonymous32291 day
Whats Up FuckAlms its SephSeph !Se2qkvOR8I5221 day
Did you know Triptych's mom worked for Obama?!Anonymous5271 day
Lil birldAnonymous1201 day
Is ducky going to go blind?Anonymous7292 days
Why do the names of topic starters show on the front page?Anonymous2192 days
ATTN: NamefagAnonymous3122 days
hey ducky, get well soonAnonymous3102 days
Did you meet someone from your past lives recently?Anonymous4142 days
Is anyone else even the slight bit frighten by the fact there are riots over a president?Anonymous31282 days
I hope this does't interfere with my healthcare insurance or plans for transitioning.Catherine !TGirlYJKXM17162 days
Hibernation modeducky !MwWb.dJjRc5162 days
Donald trump is illegally in my houseEternal God Emperor Obama4212 days
Do work get paid (capitalism thread)Namefag !CQywTu1T9w12242 days
donald trump is the 45th president of these united statesAnonymous6223 days
Is there such a thing as a sexual fetish for women in hijabs?Anonymous5243 days
Nazi Germany had 'degenerates' among their ranks.Anonymous4193 days
Global warming isn't realAnonymous20303 days
Thread for those who wanted us to make an amazon wishlist.Harley !QuInnNzy/c15183 days
Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events [NETFLIX] (Poll)Harley !QuInnNzy/c2173 days
How come Bert hasn't committed a crime and ended up in jail or prison?Anonymous8263 days
Does this picture of Krodan shock you? (Poll)Harley !QuInnNzy/c5203 days
My doctor switched me to Kolonopin.Bat Nugget is !GrateABlug6253 days
On this morrow within the boundaries of my own little Cardiff, England adjacent to the Pacific OceanNamefag !CQywTu1T9w7214 days
Attention Clones of the 1 and only Quality 4 Real Syntax. Ski Vacation 1PM 1-20-16 to 30th-32st JanSyntax7194 days
2day in Cardiff by the SEA SEA SEA re: thee thy or EYE dressed up re: Mrs Doubtfire Man in DressAnonymous8244 days
If someone holds ethnocentric viewpoints...Anonymous16214 days
Lasik surgery in 1.5 hr for real this timeducky !MwWb.dJjRc42304 days
$250,000,000 home for sale and a bargin price it is - BelAir so it is some distance to Ocean a BlueSyntax2564 days
bert stay sober so you can eat this morselAnonymous2244 days
Does this picture of Bert suprise you?Anonymous1214 days
Does this picture of Kronan shock you?Anonymous7234 days
FagsAnonymous5214 days