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Rooney retires from international dutyAnonymous-63 hours
I tried to go for breakfast earlier..Anonymous293 hours
Good God Jim..Anonymous3104 hours
Dammit Jim..Syntax2148 hours
Dammit Jim..Anonymous-108 hours
It rained last night..Anonymous4168 hours
guys...listen..Anonymous21617 hours
I am pretty much full.Anonymous111917 hours
just touched down in Ktown...yo..Anonymous473118 hours
CNN pollEternal God Emperor Obama11423 hours
Are Asian people racist toward black people?Anonymous-1223 hours
NiggersAnonymous9241 day
RE: Total Solar EclipseAnonymous23152 days
Hey Ducky it's me your good friend SyntaxSyntax16332 days
bert I think I have found a solution for you. Honest I mean if it works for Retarded Chris ChanSyntax7332 days
The Battle of the ChansAnonymous7403 days
hey ducky...look at me everyone.... it's bert..Anonymous6283 days
Hey Ducky it's me your good friend GavinGavin !!FuSdYgg+013283 days
I only post on hereAnonymous2323 days
Hey Bert, have you ever been so lazy, poor, and hungry...Anonymous5223 days
More proof transgenders are fucking nutsAnonymous11314 days
Should Father Merrin, aka TGComix, a well known pedophile, continue to be allowed to post here? (Poll)Anonymous14294 days
Is anyone here a fan of Nightwish?Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U3204 days
What a gloriously divine tone Eric Johnson summons from that Stratocaster!Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U11144 days
I miss Home Movies.Anonymous2254 days
I'm gonna need another test.Anonymous11194 days
Bert, how does this comment from catherine make you feel?Anonymous5184 days
Scatchan is back under new domain!Anonymous1265 days
I think my boobies are starting to cum in in in.Catherine !TGirlYJKXM7575 days
Fat collects on women's bodies in the strangest ways.Anonymous1185 days
How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria BubbleAnonymous2175 days
Where is the trucker?Anonymous5225 days
Now for your long awaited update @11.TCNN Correspondent !DGWL4Qt4NY6225 days
I'm gonna need another teat.Anonymous1165 days
before the internet..Anonymous18445 days
When was the last time you logged into facebook?Anonymous8145 days
Have you ever picked up some fat chick from a club, brought her back to your place...Anonymous12325 days
Test Test Testes (NSFW)Anonymous1405 days
orbrlsment1215 days
hdddjdh2205 days
buujfjf3185 days
I'm gonna need another tent.Anonymous21296 days
Why do some people pronounce Aluminum as AluMINIum?Anonymous10216 days
How did Tinychan solve the Matt/TG problem?Catherine !TGirlYJKXM18326 days
florida man dies after having sex with pet snakeAnonymous7336 days
Blunty 6:66Father Dank !Z.q/Hc1YIQ1156 days
God's not...Anonymous18301 week
On, did comedian Louie CK get the Chinese voice accurate?Anonymous6211 week
I wish everyone was dead, excluding the tinyelite.Anonymous5271 week
I wish we didn't have to die.Anonymous1211 week