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Topic: Jews of Silicon Valley

+Anonymous A1 week ago #49,953

How many here suspect that the software industry has always been handled by corporate Jews who use every opportunity they can to profit off software every time there is a new iteration of it that is released that only changes a few minor things?

Microsoft is the biggest culprit with their Microsoft Office suite and Adobe now charges monthly for usage of their software for photographers. This is enough to encourage a movement known as the free software moment lead by a socialist Jew known as Richard Stallman who broke down in an autistic fit when the audience he was presenting at didn’t speak Spanish and instead spoke Portuguese which is essentially the same thing as Spanish with only a few minor differences.

Do you support the autistic Jewish commie Stallman or the corporate Jews who are only making a profit off selling the same exact shit for years?

Live or die, make your choice, Tinychan.

+FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI1 week ago, 1 hour later[T] [B] #539,282

I've been opposed to Adobe for years and I grew disillusioned with MS when I saw Win8 and its successors.
On the other hand, Stallman is way too extreme for my tastes. Source code is grate if you're a developer looking to make things better, but that's not me. I just want something that works and isn't constantly changing for the sake of change itself.

+Anonymous C1 week ago, 8 hours later, 9 hours after the original post[T] [B] #539,300

The 100+ companies that sued to stop Trump's travel bans are jewed. All big tech companies.

Except AMD.

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