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Topic: Vin iqneba shemdegi patriarqi?

+Anonymous A1 week ago #49,938

ბევრი მსჯელობს, მომავალი პატრიარქი იქნება მესაყდრე შიო თუ სხვა რომელიმე კანდიდატი?
თქვენ როგორ მიგაჩნიათ?

+Markup Symtacks1 week ago, 14 minutes later[T] [B] #539,123

Eye, yes eye, will b d future paytreearch. Eye know dis re:Snapdragon processor and 10-myle sattelytes.

Once new girl in Cardiff by d sea - she say eye make more better paytreearch than ne man she ever new. Eye have important meating to attend dis after lunch - with a couple of 4 BIG clients. Must b going.


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