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Topic: rest in peace trayvon martin

+Anonymous A3 months ago #49,572


+Anonymous B3 months ago, 1 hour later[T] [B] #535,982

we wuz kangs

+Anonymous C3 months ago, 59 minutes later, 2 hours after the original post[T] [B] #535,984

I'm glad the niggers dead. One less to commit crimes.

+Anonymous D3 months ago, 6 hours later, 8 hours after the original post[T] [B] #536,000

@535,982 (B)
Dat we wuz, dawg.

+Anonymous E3 months ago, 2 hours later, 10 hours after the original post[T] [B] #536,002

he's in nigger heaven now, with basketball courts, menthols and fat white women as far as the eye can see

+Anonymous F3 months ago, 17 hours later, 1 day after the original post[T] [B] #536,046


West Africans are not Egyptians. That's like saying Russians and Irish are the same. Even French and British are different.

This is what people in Britain think it means to be British

So see Africans are not the same everywhere.

·Anonymous F3 months ago, 3 minutes later, 1 day after the original post[T] [B] #536,047

Actually if you replace Trayvon with Giorgio Tsoukalos, the Ancient Aliens crazy hair guy, that would be an even better tattoo!

Also that Trayvon pic was when he was 12, really long ago before he died at 17 looking like a gangsta. Should have used to thug looking Trayvon.

(Edited 32 seconds later.)


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