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Topic: Why does this site still exist?

+Anonymous A2 weeks ago #49,561

Are you all just massive chantards?

+Anonymous B2 weeks ago, 1 hour later[T] [B] #535,900

You misspelled faggot. And the answer is yes. We are all just massive faggots.

+Anonymous C2 weeks ago, 22 minutes later, 1 hour after the original post[T] [B] #535,905

To give you something to obsess over.

+Anonymous D2 weeks ago, 54 minutes later, 2 hours after the original post[T] [B] #535,915

46cm-26cm-Middle-Finger-Cat-Funny-P.jpgBecause fuck you, that's why!

+Anonymous E2 weeks ago, 1 hour later, 4 hours after the original post[T] [B] #535,923

Spite and Sprite, baby.

+Anonymous H1 week ago, 3 days later, 3 days after the original post[T] [B] #536,104

(Citing a deleted or non-existent reply.)

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