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Topic: What would TGcomix do if he was caughted by Chris Hansen?

+Anonymous A1 week ago #49,444

Would it make for an entertaining episode of Hansen V. Predator?

+Anonymous B1 week ago, 7 minutes later[T] [B] #534,682

What did you do when he caught you?

+Anonymous C1 week ago, 1 hour later, 1 hour after the original post[T] [B] #534,685

Probably have a seat and a cookie.

+Anonymous D1 week ago, 1 hour later, 3 hours after the original post[T] [B] #534,692

Hopefully get tazed. That was always the best part of that show.

+Anonymous E1 week ago, 1 hour later, 4 hours after the original post[T] [B] #534,698

He offer Hansen a blowjob for the addresses of other children.

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