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Topic: 'Equal Opportunity' Hiring Practices: Why Do White Males Always Get The Shit End Of The Stick?

+Anonymous A5 months ago #49,222

business-commerce-equal_opportuniti.jpgEvery time I apply for a job, it asks me my race, sexual orientation, if I’m a Veteran, or disabled.

I’ve seen this for corporate, government, academic jobs, and even in the private sector.

I know that some of these organizations have quotas to meet, so it’s not necessarily the most-qualified person who gets the job, but the most historically-oppressed.

White males are also are minorities in some regions (eg. Detroit). Just because my ancestors had slaves, I get put at a disadvantage in the workforce?!

Why do we give special consideration to gays, blacks, Latinos, etc.? Why not assess a candidate’s suitability based on their qualifications alone?

+Anonymous B5 months ago, 3 hours later[T] [B] #532,883

Because we live in a world where a son must be punished for the crimes of his father.

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