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Topic: Inter-Racial Marriages On The Rise, But Do They Last? The Data Says 'No'

+Edgar Allen Bro5 months ago #49,205

interracialdivorcerates.pngApparently, black & white couples are at the greatest risk of divorce, yet more Caucasians are going black than ever.

Asian & white couples don't seem to work either.

If we're all the same on the inside, what accounts for this incompatibility between the races?

+squeegee5 months ago, 28 seconds later[T] [B] #532,479


+Anonymous C5 months ago, 40 minutes later, 41 minutes after the original post[T] [B] #532,480


+Anonymous D5 months ago, 5 minutes later, 47 minutes after the original post[T] [B] #532,481

Racial prejudice putting strain on the marriage.

+Anonymous E5 months ago, 21 hours later, 22 hours after the original post[T] [B] #532,829

That's all couples, not just interracial couples. I've noticed blacks and Asians typically stick together. Some in my own family actually doing well so far.

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+Anonymous F5 months ago, 12 hours later, 1 day after the original post[T] [B] #532,846

So basically it's like heterosexual marriage in general?

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