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Topic: Bert is still drinking...heres proof

+Anonymous A5 months ago #48,909

Topic: Die kook....die and end the evilness forever..

Anonymous A posted 52 minutes ago #65,935
So mote it be..

Anonymous B, 51 minutes ago[^] [v] #812,894
bert drunk again.

Anonymous C, 51 minutes ago[^] [v] #812,897
@previous (B)
sure seems like it

Anonymous A (OP), 48 minutes ago[^] [v] #812,903
> Emergency medicine..

Anonymous D, 45 minutes ago[^] [v] #812,905
@previous (A)
stop drinking bert

Anonymous C, 43 minutes ago[^] [v] #812,908
@previous (D)

Anonymous A (OP), 34 minutes ago[^] [v] #812,913
@812,905 (D)
> It's her goddamn fault..

Its never Bert's fault that he drinks.

+Anonymous B5 months ago, 35 minutes later[T] [B] #530,058

> so mote it be

I knew Bert was a filthy heathen.

+Anonymous C5 months ago, 6 minutes later, 41 minutes after the original post[T] [B] #530,060

It's never any alcoholic's fault they drink, that's why they're alcoholics.

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