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Topic: Which one's more pathetic?

+Anonymous A7 months ago #48,632

1. A homeless man whose downfall was his love of hooch. Also lives with his ill mother at the age of 50 living on her handouts.

2. An obsessive man who spends his life obsessing over a homeless man on an obscure online forum. Possibly between the age of 24 and 60, and his obsession is so great it makes him recognizable even with anonymity.
Poll option Votes Percentage Graph
The homeless man457%
The obsessive man343%
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+Anonymous B7 months ago, 2 minutes later[T] [B] #527,207

Voted for OP/2nd option

+Anonymous C7 months ago, 2 hours later, 2 hours after the original post[T] [B] #527,229

@previous (B)
> Voted for OP/2nd option


+Anonymous D7 months ago, 22 hours later, 1 day after the original post[T] [B] #527,319

The guy replying to all of bert's posts on every site he visits, is pretty annoying. So he gets my vote.

+Anonymous E7 months ago, 58 minutes later, 1 day after the original post[T] [B] #527,321

@previous (D)
Its not my fault man. He's fucking everywhere and its NOT my goddaMN PARANOIA. The coincidences are too uncanney. Somrthing is up and im afraid this is only the beginning.

+Anonymous F7 months ago, 19 minutes later, 1 day after the original post[T] [B] #527,324

The odds of Bert being a pawn inside of a conspiracy orchestrated by the Rothschild family?


Odds of OP being a faggot?


·Anonymous D7 months ago, 30 minutes later, 1 day after the original post[T] [B] #527,325

@527,321 (E)
Not you, schizo.

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