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Topic: Never fear, Tinychan...

+The Incredulous Bulk !ypFMNryMGA9 months ago #48,089

When an autist gets too big for his/her britches, I will be there.
When Bert needs to be derided for little to no reason, I will be there.
When someone is in need of "Sprite and not give a shit," I will be there.

Never fear, Tinychan. The INCREDULOUS BULK is here!

+Tinychania Police !j8WdfRT3xY9 months ago, 3 minutes later[T] [B] #521,930

While we applaud your desire to rid the world autistic dumbfucks, please remember that the laws should be followed.

However, what the Tinychania Police doesn't see, isn't a crime.

So best of luck on your endeavor!

·The Incredulous Bulk !ypFMNryMGA (OP) — 9 months ago, 19 minutes later, 22 minutes after the original post[T] [B] #521,931

@previous (Tinychania Police !j8WdfRT3xY)

The police will never keep the Bulk down! I'm the hero Tinychan needs, but not the one it deserves!

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