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Topic: Brainstorming session: armaggedon

+Anonymous A1 year ago #46,929

We need more ways to bring about the end of the world. All the other ideas are taking too long. There are a lot of bees to kill yet.

Please post any helpful ideas you might have about bringing about the end of days.

Note: Playing Mysterium for 7 days in the Himalayan mountains to bring about the end times and replace humans with nobler beings is no longer being considered as a serious option.

+Namefag !CQywTu1T9w1 year ago, 9 hours later[T] [B] #509,407

The "replacement" is already happening, it's built in.

Our genetic code is writing itself into the perfect lifeform slowly generation by generation via natural and sexual selection.

Each iteration becoming smarter and better adapted to the universe around it.

(Edited 39 seconds later.)

+Anonymous C1 year ago, 10 hours later, 20 hours after the original post[T] [B] #509,434


that is when the second comming of jesus happens..

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