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Topic: Syntax this is one of your clones reminding you. Your Garden needs Attention.

+Syntax + Clone1.2 year ago #46,428

Garden_needs_attention.jpgGarden succulents as viewed in the photo, are being tossed to accommodate new pots of Basil Basil Basil & more Basil.
Thyme - Marjoram Oregano(Greek) One does not turn ones back on Greek Oregano. Tarragon.

Rosemary - Sage - Savory (not exactly sure what that is good for Yet) Mint soon 2B of more varieties (not sure which one I bought)

I am tired of waiting for Girl Scout Thin Mints to appear so I will set aside a pot and when they are 2sale again I will buy one box and plant a few so as to have them grow for picking all year long.

Dill? Rare I use it so planting it seems not so much necessary.

No room for a Black Pepper Tree and on Hikes I can pick Bay Laurel leaves so no need to plant a Bay Laurel Tree

I use wayyyy so many Chile Peppers like Jalapenos and I favor fully Red Jalapenos so its just not practical to grown them.

Syntax has been wayyyyyy 2 busy with a new work project to post much or keep track of the mass of Syntax Clones. If only the Clones wood cum out and do the hard work of Farming the Back 4 acres at Cardiff by the Sea - Acres may be a weeeee bit of exaggeration as it could be compacted to 4Feat.

+Anonymous B1.2 year ago, 39 seconds later[T] [B] #504,790

Wot Wot Wot?

+Anonymous C1.2 year ago, 47 minutes later, 48 minutes after the original post[T] [B] #504,793

@previous (B)
This is literally the only decent post made by a syntax clone.

·Anonymous B1.2 year ago, 43 seconds later, 49 minutes after the original post[T] [B] #504,794

@previous (C)
Thanks, I try my best

·Syntax + Clone (OP) — 1.2 year ago, 21 minutes later, 1 hour after the original post[T] [B] #504,795

Garden getting attention-minor x.jpg@504,793 (C)

Garden work is serious biziness.

Clone comment
Syntax is in overburden with serious Cold Hard Cash in wallet work - after all that loss at Betfair ends up an unexpected benefit yet still so much work and wot does Syntax do? He looks for a reaction image to complement the garden work post and gets bogged down in the volume of what is available yet is not really suitable considering ducky will lookC and say wot the fuck does that have to do with work in garden so all Syntax have tyme for is this rater poor rendition but it will have2do as Syntax have run out of most of my play time - Not all but most

·Anonymous C1.2 year ago, 58 minutes later, 2 hours after the original post[T] [B] #504,798

@504,794 (B)
Damn! I meant to cite op.

@previous (Syntax + Clone)
> This is literally the only decent post made by a syntax clone.

Keep up the good work.

+Namefag !CQywTu1T9w1.2 year ago, 1 hour later, 3 hours after the original post[T] [B] #504,800

His personality is so unique that he has a fucking fan club!

·Syntax1.2 year ago, 25 minutes later, 3 hours after the original post[T] [B] #504,802

@previous (Namefag !CQywTu1T9w)
eye didst today enter re KOK SUCKING contest and eye re WON WON WON 1st place and got prize re African Americans tongue my anus.

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