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Amount Comment
Total existing posts 549,019 including deleted posts.
Existing topics 45,480 including deleted topics.
Existing replies 503,539 including deleted replies.
Posts/day ~227.62 including deleted posts.
Topics/day ~18.86 including deleted topics  (Graph of past 3 days' activity.).
Replies/day ~208.76 including deleted replies (Graph of past 3 days' activity.).
Banned UIDs 1 Not including perma-bans.
Banned IP addresses 1 Not including perma-bans.
Days since launch 2,412 We went live on 2010-09-21, 6.8 years ago.
Amount Comment
Days since your first visit 1 We first saw you on 2017-04-29, 0 seconds ago.
Total posts by you - Not including deleted posts.
Total topics by you - Not including deleted topics.
Total replies by you - Not including deleted replies.
Total bulletins by you - Not including deleted bulletins.
Post rank #436 Out of 17,438 users.
Average replies to your topics - including deleted posts.
Average posts/day by you - including deleted posts.