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Push Notifications (beta)


What is Web Push?

Web push is recent technology that allows your browser and/or phone to receive notifications from this site. (Even when you aren't currently visiting Tinychan!)
Note: You need to have your browser open to receive notifications (you don't need to be on TinyChan), but you'll receive notifications on Android even if your browser is closed.

How do I use it?

It's simple: Just complete the captcha above to subscribe, and complete it again if you want to stop receiving notifications.
When you subscribe, you will receive a notification whenever you receive a private message or get cited in a post.

I'm running into some issues!

If you no longer get notified, you may need to resubscribe for every device that has that issue. Otherwise, you can PM the admin for any other issues.
Remember that this feature is in beta, and so it may not always work perfectly and everyone might get unsubscribed at some point.

What browsers are supported?

The following are confirmed to be supported: