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Bumps, page #2

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>:0ninny1193 days
Yo rocklAnonymous-183 days
How progressive is Iceland in regards to LGBT issues?Catherine !TGirlYJKXM3223 days
Who is this?Dead !Pool..v42s1194 days
ATTN: SyntaxAnonymous6194 days
People on welfare or foodstamps (like bert) should be drug testedAnonymous25314 days
What are you thoughts on the notion of basic income?Anonymous22314 days
Paul ManfartAnonymous1194 days
Is there a good website where you can download complete comic series?Catherine !TGirlYJKXM9214 days
Syntax: MCA DiscoVision guy from MinichanAntcuFaalb !W48S2eY4nU20414 days
Bert, please answer this time.Anonymous4214 days
Is being mentally retarded a prerequisite...Anonymous20394 days
hey catherineAnonymous7444 days
Is James Harris Jackson a hero or has Breivik set the bar too high?Anonymous3144 days
"He Will Not Divide Us" flag captured again.Anonymous2234 days
We DESERVE to have a functional private message system on this board!Anonymous331075 days
Bert, serious question...Catherine !TGirlYJKXM5325 days
Do you like creampie?Anonymous3315 days
LinuxAnonymous6185 days
ATTN: CatherineFME !2CQezZ7g6I11335 days
hey ching ching..Anonymous27336 days
Which of the following emoji represent Bert the best? (Poll)Nugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo2226 days
What happens to Bert when he dies?Anonymous15206 days
In Defense of BertholomewAnonymous4196 days
Quick poll (Poll)Anonymous4196 days
cheapasses do not want you to charge your phone..Anonymous4226 days
fuck you all..Anonymous5296 days
So, once again, Bert has lied to us.Asshole20276 days
AmazonAnonymous1206 days
Bert is like Kim Jong UnAnonymous12206 days
what pens do you use to write with?Anonymous7156 days
>black peopleAnonymous1176 days
>white peopleAnonymous2186 days
some jerkoff put salt crystals in a baggie and dropped it on the sidewalk..Anonymous10286 days
Why do people dissapear from the internet?Anonymous14376 days
What are your thoughts on this, you fat slobs?Anonymous4166 days
Anyone who fucks with OnHayata2196 days
Attn: AntiAnonymous1242566 days
The average Tinychan user.Anonymous5266 days
Bert, have you ever eaten a delicious...Anonymous5176 days
FME is perfect..Anonymous14286 days
wow...sometimes you think you know what is up..Anonymous15256 days
[INTERVENTION] ITT we help Syntax gets over his prejudices and better himself in today's societyAnonymous521201 week
are there recent Trip pics..Anonymous7301 week
What She's Got (The Penis Song)Anonymous4151 week
girls of TC.Anonymous23621 week
Le délice de poissonAnonymous3161 week
鱼喜Anonymous6141 week
Does anyone still have that Beijing video that Matt put out where he was on a scooter?Anonymous5201 week
OopsFME !2CQezZ7g6I8221 week