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Bumps, page #2

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Bert's brother is in Egypt making rape threatsAnonymous4361 week
Does God support pedophilia?Anonymous8651 week
Newfag hereAnonymous19611 week
Fatfuck pm meAnonymous3391 week
ATTN: DocAnonymous1211 week
Attention: Father Merrin: your opinion please:Anonymous28421 week
Pewdiepie made a video about Chris-chan!Anonymous3381 week
British Grocery Chain, Tesco does a commercial for "Christmas" w/ Muslims & Sikhs but no Christians!Anonymous6401 week
Does anyone here go to WNEU?Anonymous5251 week
Hasta la vistaAnonymous1271 week
Bert, better have my money!Dante1331 week
Somebody murdered a neighbor's pet ponyAnonymous2331 week
Do you think quack is finally over ducky by now...Anonymous10481 week
Were you touched by an angel?Honest Trü Lawyer7421 week
what are your thoughts on r/hapas?Anonymous6301 week
What would TGcomix do if he was caughted by Chris Hansen?Anonymous4261 week
Does it surprise you that Father Moron replied to that thread? (Poll)Anonymous8321 week
Hey, remember when Fatfuck got all self-righteous when news of his mother's passing hot the web?Anonymous24542 weeks
gun grab bill introducedAnonymous4262 weeks
It's a good day to Hail Satan!FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI30692 weeks
I got aidsDucky !MwWb.dJjRc31622 weeks
ATTN: Former 4chon UsersCatherine !TGirlYJKXM14722 weeks
I just did my good deed for the dayAnonymous37912 weeks
Are Fruit Roll Up Burqas a Publicity Stunt Orchestrated by the TinyCouncil?Anonymous6192 weeks
/r/ing as many kimmo shoops as you haveAnonymous782812 weeks
Please only click on this thread and post in it if you are a pedophile.Anonymous1472 weeks
Hey Ducky it's me your good friend GavinGavin !!FuSdYgg+0421192 weeks
How might InfoWars fail and go out of business?Anonymous17372 weeks
At least 27 people dead in shooting at a Texas church. Join me please in prayer.Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U31362 weeks
Thank you for choosing Satan!Anonymous20282 weeks
Catherine, mah boy!Markup Symtacks6412 weeks
IMPORTANT PLEASE READAnonymous20552 weeks
Did Bert write this gay poem?Anonymous6252 weeks
The Lord came to me in a dream, and he told me...Father Merrin !gT085CjgTk8332 weeks
say hi to intestine mikeAnonymous4362 weeks
Say hi to Petroleum Joe!Petroleum Joe-262 weeks
Would you rather... ? (Poll)Anonymous14452 weeks
Black man With 3-Foot Penis -- world record. Had to have surgery to get it's size reduced.Anonymous4472 weeks
Caption this (NSFW)Anonymous5672 weeks
I've gotten drunk every day for two weeks...Anonymous14662 weeks
ATTN: BertAnonymous7292 weeks
Should the DACA/Dreamers people stay? Do you support them staying?Anonymous5302 weeks
I am now worth about 1200 dollars..Anonymous35592 weeks
Please pity meAnonymous12302 weeks
Is garden gnome enthusiast the highest achievable level of autism? (Poll)Anonymous3242 weeks
Can one's Internet be a nigger?Anonymous3262 weeks
There is very little difference between Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton.Anonymous9302 weeks
In the bible, why didn't Jesus ever fly to space?Anonymous4252 weeks