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So, as expeceted, FagBert has fallen off the wagon...Anonymous17374 days
Whatever happened to Stevie Steve?Anonymous2194 days
Why do toys in the Toy Story movies come to life?Anonymous9294 days delivery WOMAN poops on customer's yard during delivery!!! A WOMAN!!!!!!!Anonymous10614 days
image uploads were broken on laghouls and nobody emailed me.Anonymous7304 days
Has Catherine ever had a job?Anonymous18484 days
Negi SpringfieldAnonymous9355 days
There is only one reason to browse TC...Anonymous6435 days
If only Kimmo accepted the bitcoins we offered him in 2009...Anonymous2305 days
penise (Poll)Anonymous-245 days
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Skyrim is a great game by itself.Catherine !TGirlYJKXM3245 days
video game discordsAnonymous1215 days
The middle finger picture threadAnonymous2344986 days
Hey On! Are you here? I got a questionHarley/Ishikawa21546 days
Why are libtards trying to demoralize Isaac Asimov's Rules of Robotics?Anonymous4256 days
Is Michael Foster AKA STI AKA SaveTheInternet still alive and is he still connected to this site?Anonymous6316 days
pigs murder innocent man for no reasonAnonymous9326 days
Sprite was given to the world by God.Anonymous9231 week
Can you show me evidence that tells me that the Earth isn't flat?Anonymous30561 week
God made me in his imageFather Merrin !Ep8pui8Vw26301 week
Does Father Merrin have disciples?Anonymous9311 week
Since when did 4chan become severly autistic.Anonymous3271 week
Is that JohnnyNeptune guy syntax?Anonymous2171 week
Only 17 moar days until Alvis Day.Anonymous-141 week
Do you agree with this statement? (Poll)Anonymous7291 week
Amazon HQ 2 (Poll)Eternal God Emperor Obama11311 week
This dude came up with a "hack" to keep his nuggets warmAnonymous2381 week