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v This may require a grater demon.

vv I'm praying for you, bud.
Anonymous 5 hours
*sends Sprite and a minor demon underling* Anonymous 8 hours
Communications lost... Supplies low... Dogs with AK-47s... everywhere... Send help and Sprite... Anonymous 9 hours
Buttshits. Anonymous 1 day
vv It seems the reptoids may be imvolved in some way. The Tinycouncil hasn't been able to make contact with about "" of TC field offices. As such, the Tinycouncil has put us at TCDEFCON 1, and are now taking shelter in REDACTED. we rocommend everyone find shelter from the armed canines, until the TC CounterStrike Tactical Unit has reestablished communicatiom between all sectors. The council calls for any available tinycomrades to make their way towards section ZX3, for further planning. Anonymous 1 day
Keep your tired shtick to one bulletin post, thank you. Anonymous 1 day
v I'm deeply concerned and have tried contacting our local TC field office multiple times, but it goes straight to voicemail, no response from secure channels either. Have any sectors already fallen to the dogs? Anonymous 1 day
URGENT UPDATE! It has come to our attention that some of the dogs with firearms may have been exposed to FND, and are therefore carriers. We are at TCDEFCON 2. Arm yourselves, and be sure to stock up on sprite, fruit roll-ups, Domestos, and and toilet paper. This is not a test. Do your best not to associate with any gun toting dogs. They're known to congregate at schools and playgrounds. Breeders, be sure to get your filthy worm spawn and yourself tested. Moar as story develops. Probably @11. Anonymous 2 days
Dogs with AK-47s, and various other firearms, are in fact invading all neighborhoods. Moar@11 Anonymous 2 days
v Just don't leave any of them alive overnight, or they'll sneak up to you while you're asleep and sacrifice you to Satan instead. Nugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo 3 days
v Better sacrifice something to Satan for protection. I hear gummy bears work pretty well. Anonymous 3 days
v I moved to the South to get away from them and just today I saw a pug with an AR15 in my neighborhood. I'm cold, I'm scared, and we're out of Sprite. Anonymous 3 days
Are dogs with Ak-47s invading your neighborhood?
Moar @11.
Anonymous 3 days
v No. Moar @ 11. Anonymous 3 days
Is it 11 yet? Anonymous 3 days
Situation developing, moar @ 11. Anonymous 3 days
3.0 just shot 2.0. Anonymous 3 days
v Join the club Anonymous 3 days
I honestly feel like a waste of space Anonymous 4 days
Net. If girls make too many video, girls eat too much. Food deprivation is part of any successful cult social club. Anonymous 5 days
vv We must bring cake sitting asses to the masses. Anonymous 5 days
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By default it will now show the classic TinyBBS search page, and optionally can be changed into the other one with images.
The Board 6 days
v So she is allowed to eat, comrade. Every video one of my harem makes buy them one food ticket. Is redeemable in company cafetorium. Anonymous 1 week
v But the cake is ruined now, why would she do this? Anonymous 1 week
v It's where a girl shoves her bare ass into cake, and usually farts/twerks/etc while sitting on said cake. Anonymous 1 week
v Cake sitting? Wut is das, kamerad? Anonymous 1 week
vv Maybe download RAM from my site. toally "" No Virus* Guarantee. You won't find better deals for all RAM needs. Work on all systems. "" guarantee, not even one virus. Maybe check out one of my many porno sites, yes? We got anything you looking for, straight, gay, lesbian, cake sitting, sprite porn, shemales... Whoa, hahahah, just kidding, comrade!but not really. All sites, "" No Virus Guarantee, RAM work for all systems*! $19.95 per month, comrade. you will find no better deal. ACT NOW! Anonymous 1 week
v Download maybe 16GB moar of RAM. So can send many beautiful n00dz. Anonymous 1 week
v I'm not trying to start a petting zoo, I was just sending n00dz! Anonymous 1 week
v All of them. Anonymous 1 week
v How many RAMs is enough? Anonymous 1 week
v not yet, try downloading moar RAM. Anonymous 1 week
v Did you get them? Anonymous 1 week
plz snd n00dz Anonymous 1 week
vvvv I'm glad someone is asking the real questions. Anonymous 1 week
v Up yer dosage Anonymous 1 week
Blah blah faggit trolls.. Anonymous 1 week
v Reptoids. Anonymous 1 week
How come chopping up dead people is bad, but chopping up dead trees is totally normal? Anonymous 1 week
v I'm sorry, I hope you find yer dawg soon. Anonymous 1 week
v I am, I just lost my dog. Anonymous 1 week
v You seem a bit upset. Anonymous 1 week
Hell is NOT a game. Anonymous 1 week
v I traded my goat, for communication with our infernal lord. Anonymous 1 week
Trade in your PlayStation for a PrayStation. Anonymous 1 week
v that's crazy talk Anonymous 1 week
Look, of course the Bilderberg group controls every aspect of society, but I don't think they're lizard people. I'm not crazy. Anonymous 1 week
Wail, for the day of the Boners is near!
It will come as destruction from the Almighty.
Anonymous 1 week
Buttshits. Anonymous 1 week
May a wall of buttshits wash over you, and prepare you for your life in NeoEden Anonymous 1 week