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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tinychan?
Tinychan is a web-based BBS (bulletin board system) designed for mobile phones. Discussion of any (legal) topic is allowed and encouraged. Posting of illegal material is prohibited.

What rules are in-effect?
You can read all rules here: /rules.

What is a tripcode? How can I use one?
A tripcode is a way of identifying oneself on Tinychan. Simply place a octothorpe (#) after your name to create a tripcode, and two octothorpes (##) for a secure tripcode.

Inputuser #tripcode
Outputuser !3GqYIJ3Obs
Inputuser ##tripcode
Outputuser !!D3tU0Ay0Jt

What's the deal with this place?
Jan created TC a long time ago and then it became part of 4chan for 3 months and then moot killed it and it was reborn back on .org and then it was sold and then the buyer got bored and gave it away and then the next owner killed it and now it's back again.

What is the file size limit?
4 MB

Who are the admins?

Who are the mods?

What happens if I cannot access Tinychan?
In the unlikely event that Tinychan goes down, it means our server is taken down for maintenance and/or is under attack. Stay calm — the site will return soon.

My topic was deleted! What do I do?
If you feel your topic was unfairly deleted, send a message to the admin. Any topics you make about your deleted topic will be deleted and may result in a warning/ban.

I was banned!
Use the appropriate appeal system to contest a ban. If you received an auto-ban, you may appeal it through IRC.

See also: handbook, bulletins