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Coming Wednesday, on the next episode of "Bert Rage"Anonymous42541 minutes
Should Syntax have a flag? (Poll)Anonymous6161 hour
SundayDead !Pool..v42s2132 hours
Is this man really Masked Bastard?きゃさりん🗾 !TGirlYJKXM13183 hours
Hello everyone, My name is Mr. Teddy, and I am a story teller.Mr. Teddy !Gr2D8UC9ww3204 hours
My loins ache and quiver for you, On.El Amador !WgnOFZ3yjQ6255 hours
bert how about full time work. Includes housing and food. Ads are RECENT Hours agoSyntax19235 hours
How much do you read?Anonymous20367 hours
Bert, can you get a PayPal or a mailing address!Anonymous3219 hours
[Important] Tinychan first ever Ice cream social is happening soonAnonymous62489 hours
A POLL.. (Poll)Anonymous65359 hours
Bert, how's the job search going?Anonymous252210 hours
This last week I learned:Dead !Pool..v42s52010 hours
Here is why Scatchan shut down.Anonymous94310 hours
Song for Bert, "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" styleAnonymous11511 hours
help: what are "work pants"?chili dog !!heHjtrQ7i71912 hours
wow!!!! I just got hate email!!!Anonymous102313 hours
Two homeless guys on the same board... (Poll)Anonymous231713 hours
The middle finger picture threadAnonymous22733015 hours
Worked full time for over thirty years..Anonymous112615 hours
If you must spend some money on bert... (Poll)Nugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo93116 hours
I tell you whatDead !Pool..v42s61917 hours
Christine Chandler sells xir old shirt for big bucksSyntax8281 day
I MUST work somewhere in the next few days..Anonymous15301 day
God doesn't know what's realAnonymous24341 day
THIS IS THE LAST STRAWAnonymous6281 day
there are plus size models..Anonymous9382 days
Attn: AntiAnonymous1332802 days
RE: The assholeAnonymous5222 days
NiggersAnonymous6242 days
Long time no see...Negi Springfield !aeNZeP7XP25232 days
apparently my last day to be warrantless.. [Mega bert whammbulence thread]Anonymous1761482 days
Does this recently leaked picture of bert's crush(PO) at the beach surprise you?Anonymous2212 days
It is almost friday...Nugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo38222 days
Can I borrow some money to get on my feet?Anonymous-152 days
Rape threats are a regular part of a normal life.Anonymous11232 days
Happi Birthday Hitler!Anonymous10222 days
So, Bert avoided jail.... (Poll)The Asshole !j8WdfRT3xY19242 days
I am crushing on my PO..Anonymous12262 days
Does anyone else here think that Bert is genuinely delusional?Anonymous49222 days
WHAT THE FUCK??The Asshole !j8WdfRT3xY15233 days
DudeFME !2CQezZ7g6I19193 days
Ratatat...Tat that.Anonymous16253 days
Snoring. ATTN: DuckyAnonymous6273 days
Those of you whining about how much Matt ripped people off, compare to Alex Jones's ex-wife.Anonymous16333 days
We DESERVE to have a functional private message system on this board!Anonymous493213 days
Ok guys...We can do this..Anonymous25183 days
Saints row 2 is free on steam for a limited timeNugget Syntaxroll !Uvm54ORbmo283 days
Your time in prison is coming Matt. Keep asking those underage girls for nude pics. Sick fat bastardAnonymous2293 days
Travel Destinations?FME !2CQezZ7g6I21203 days