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im gayAnonymous195 minutes
halp plsAnonymous26437 minutes
flubeAnonymous-107 hours
Catherine, what was the name of the documentary where chimpanzees formed mobs and went to war with eAnonymous9308 hours
Anon visits a partyAnonymous1239 hours
SYNTAX IS DYINGAnonymous52813 hours
KILL WHITE PEOPLE!Anonymous43016 hours
BRB, going to psyche ward.Anonymous155318 hours
[IMPORTANT] Bert, pm me [MONEY]Anonymous23021 hours
Why is life so great?Anonymous10451 day
Does this recently leaked high school English paper from a tinychan poster surprise you? (Poll)Anonymous3271 day
Another white kid done went and shot up a schoolFootball Jock56791 day
I'm a dozy shitbagDozy Shitbag !24DDn5BRkQ3281 day
DearAnonymous2351 day
Bert pm meAnonymous3321 day
OfferingsNiebelgeiser !tDLdMOwwO.1141 day
What's Syntax's REAL age?Anonymous5381 day
Bert PM meAnonymous1211 day
Bert PM meAnonymous1261 day
Promised LandFather Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U4381 day
I'm bored.FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI1853981 day
My Weight is Going Down (Poll)Ducky !MwWb.dJjRc53861 day
I forgot how to change my name backSage !Pool..v42s12392 days
it's family dayDucky !MwWb.dJjRc12542 days
CannaesearchAnonymous-262 days
Can eating Tide Pods cure autism?Anonymous4282 days
Star Track isnt owned by DisneyAnonymous5372 days
Tinychan's autism cure being tried a lotAnonymous3332 days
On, saw this on MC, wondered if it was accurate.Anonymous2363 days
Happy Presidents day - The day to Honor Jefferson Davis.Anonymous1233 days
Reminder:Satan was the highest being the Lord ever created, and was banished for giving us knowledgeAnonymous15463 days
Marco Rubio: "It's pointless to ban guns because those who want them will always find a way" (2018)Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U14583 days
Don't forget me todayEternal God Emperor Obama3403 days
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way (Poll)FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI3383 days
Fair do's Wigan, well deserved.Anonymous-213 days
I am the NiebelgeiserNiebelgeiser !tDLdMOwwO.16624 days
The situation that was the end of Bert still bothers me. (Poll)Anonymous39784 days
test threadlampshade1474364 days
The middle finger picture threadAnonymous2707144 days
Vocalon thread!Anonymous6354 days
Here we are, almost 50,000 topics in...Anonymous9434 days
It makes me happyAnonymous361034 days
Question: What's the difference between Gay Navy Bert and a bag of shit?Anonymous4334 days
Hey ON, Happy Chinese Fucking New Year!The Asshole !j8WdfRT3xY11455 days
I just saw one of the funniest most tender and adorable amateur porn videos everAnonymous2525 days
On, who do you feel sorry for?Anonymous7456 days
Proof that God exists.Anonymous1526 days
For the last time: it is not a gun problem, it is a mental health problem.Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U8476 days
Ducky attention you may enjoy a quick skim of thisSyntax6486 days
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication (Poll)FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI4426 days