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Bert, I just have to ask...The Trucker92210 minutes
Who is honestly more insane? (Poll)Catherine !TGirlYJKXM233314 minutes
How do I resist the urge to go to Minichan?Anonymous62414 minutes
That Feel WhenCatherine !TGirlYJKXM2163 hours
The best part of wakin' up...FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI4358 hours
There has been 10 Presidents to lose re-election.Catherine !TGirlYJKXM3188 hours
So Milo Yiannopoulos and George Takei both got molested as boys by adult men. Both now gay.Anonymous31910 hours
I feel bad that Bert is homeless.Anonymous42411 hours
please guys...have some...human...compassion...Anonymous31711 hours
This should be Bert's motto.Anonymous-1312 hours
You must have anal sex with one of the following people. (Poll)Demon Asrael !c/DgSm2ioA115413 hours
Great News, FagBert!!Anonymous72213 hours
Bert, do you even own a fucking computer? (Poll)Anonymous62414 hours
Alex Jones and President Trump speak a lot on the phone apparently.Anonymous82615 hours
caturday..Anonymous31816 hours
Attn: BertramBeebs !gINgerDI6221517 hours
Petition for J.K. Rowling to take in muslim refugees in her 18 spare bedroomsAnonymous41318 hours
Sex offender recently released from prison is charged with rape, murder of Ohio State studentAnonymous102918 hours
Did The Miller Guide ever get finished?Anonymous112619 hours
Another sunny day in Tennessee..Anonymous41219 hours
Two Brits get life sentences for beating a retard to deathAnonymous132820 hours
Bert, are you loooin for a job?Demon Asrael !c/DgSm2ioA92023 hours
remynder to my clonesz..Anonymous92223 hours
Is there such a thing?Anonymous3181 day
Hey OnDemon Asrael12301 day
Question: if the US was being invaded by a foreign power, would FagBert re-enlist... (Poll)Anonymous2181 day
Join us in casting a curse upon Donald J. Trump!Anonymous12261 day
bert how's the food situationAnonymous3241 day
The White House blocks news organizations from attending an off-camera press briefing.Anonymous-111 day
Democrats are dictators (Poll)Donald trump 3241 day
How come no pedophiles here applied for this job?Anonymous-201 day
I sell insurance like a jerkchili dog !!heHjtrQ7i21421 day
just 20 dollars guys..Anonymous11261 day
Would Bert be alive to see Christmas 2017?Anonymous10261 day
It's my duty...Demon Asrael3151 day
"Greater enforcement of federal marijuana law", potheads get fuckedAnonymous5222 days
test threadlampshade1242622 days
the thread where I post shit for IRC and provide no additional contextFuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI231112 days
ducky's origin story kotmaxAnonymous26282 days
American cop drags boy on his property to shoot himAnonymous5272 days
Syntax is dead. This is real this time.Demon Asrael5332 days
deswastikianizeAlex Jones1132 days
i blow cockSyntax1272 days
Obama killed an AmericanDonald trump-153 days
Just how GAY, do you think Bert is? (Poll)Anonymous12333 days
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!Anonymous4303 days
Official Onlmy art thread.FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI139723 days
Anyone here know whyAnonymous2143 days
Bert, which chair would you sit in?Dr. Sheldon Cooper !j8WdfRT3xY20193 days
ATTN: The Trucker..Anonymous8233 days