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I washed my laundry in a plastic bin tonight..Anonymous22284 minutes
Bert, have your tried these yet?キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM1623 minutes
hey Bert, how manyThe Asshole !j8WdfRT3xY7182 hours
trannies R sick in the headSyntax2142 hours
gordon tells it like it is..Anonymous28213 hours
bertMay the Grace be with you.5173 hours
YO Bert, I don't see Trip wanting this anytime in the near futureThe Asshole !j8WdfRT3xY19224 hours
this is why I don't give cold hard cash to the homeless - also a dating candidate for BertSyntax1165 hours
Why do people still congratulate breeders? (Poll)Anonymous4136 hours
Bert, are you close to a Panera Cares?キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM3126 hours
Trump will help get rid of bertSyntax7167 hours
Is this what you're suppose to do at the Western Wall?キャサリン🇯🇵 !TGirlYJKXM187 hours
Hey check out my fancy flag!Nugget Syntaxroll🇦🇺 !Uvm54ORbmo21327 hours
Books and stuffAnonymous6218 hours
Trip just said she and I will soon spend a day together..Anonymous50339 hours
has anyone ever..Anonymous21610 hours
Bert, where can I send this to you?Anonymous131916 hours
has On been banned because of harassing me..Anonymous342716 hours
Bid to get rid of Bert's American Flag (Poll)Anonymous253418 hours
Airports have dumpsters.Anonymous41619 hours
Saw that post, berty.Anonymous345219 hours
If you could have one TC/MC user as your father. (Poll)キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM92422 hours
I am new here, and I've noticed this Bert fella isn't very well likedKayla212122 hours
Put my damn flag back..Anonymous15291 day
attn:bertAnonymous5191 day
ladies...if you could have a date with bert..Anonymous13251 day
This game looks interesting.キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM1111 day
cAthAnonymous4211 day
I need a woman's attention..Anonymous14361 day
ching ching...I want my damn flag back..Anonymous8301 day
I just passed a new executive orderEternal God Emperor Obama1121 day
Exciting News! "New Orleans to remove Gen. Robert E. Lee statue"Syntax8282 days
I just passed a new executive orderKim Jung-un192 days
I just passed a new executive orderAdolf Hitler1122 days
Let's play along.キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM-142 days
I just passed a new executive orderEternal Goddess Empress Hillary-112 days
Special notice regarding the future.キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM8252 days
This still astonishes me that this occurred.キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM5162 days
I bet Bert could use thisAnonymous4152 days
We will have a new U.S. President in 2020.キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM22302 days
Bert...Beebs !gINgerDI62-112 days
whats up TC mothereffers..Anonymous2142 days
alcohol has not touched my lips for almost two and a half hours..Anonymous17232 days
wooooohoooo...its caturday..Anonymous5142 days
DAMMIT JIM..Anonymous1172 days
This woman's eyes creep me out.キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM-252 days
Have you ever so hard...Anonymous4212 days
hey Trip..Anonymous27263 days
feeeeeeeeeeeeels like summer out here..Anonymous29263 days
Who's life has the most value? (Poll)キャサリン🗾 !TGirlYJKXM20263 days