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Would Bert be alive to see Christmas 2017?Anonymous474 minutes
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!Anonymous4211 hour
The best part of wakin' up...FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI-81 hour
Official Onlmy art thread.FuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI139641 hour
just 20 dollars guys..Anonymous10111 hour
Anyone here know whyAnonymous2101 hour
Just how GAY, do you think Bert is? (Poll)Anonymous11271 hour
Bert, which chair would you sit in?Dr. Sheldon Cooper !j8WdfRT3xY20183 hours
ATTN: The Trucker..Anonymous8204 hours
Did you know?Anonymous5175 hours
bert how's the food situationAnonymous-116 hours
The White House is the biggest safe space.Anonymous1106 hours
Why are blacks so slow and lazy?Demon Asrael2116 hours
A mess at the white houseAnonymous2158 hours
You must have anal sex with one of the following people. (Poll)Demon Asrael !c/DgSm2ioA6269 hours
I may be poor..Anonymous41510 hours
lower the iq to become a senatorNancy pelosi31513 hours
My lady love and I, used to live in sin.Demon Asrael !c/DgSm2ioA41713 hours
African MayonnaiseAnonymous41814 hours
just saying..Anonymous132514 hours
Two Brits get life sentences for beating a retard to deathAnonymous82114 hours
Alex Jones and President Trump speak a lot on the phone apparently.Anonymous41817 hours
attn TruckerAnonymous8171 day
So Bert, did you and your gay fuckbuddies sing this back in the Navy?Anonymous-131 day
PPAP: Just for ON!!!!!! Everyone watch this ingenious work of art!Demon Asrael !c/DgSm2ioA-141 day
Is Bert a wee, British schoolboy? (Poll)Demon Asrael8201 day
Where's the bulge?Anonymous4201 day
it is sunny as hell and warm as fuck in Tennessee..Anonymous7211 day
Hey OnDemon Asrael9181 day
Attn: BeebsFuckAlms !vX8K53rFBI30271 day
I am about to hit something like this..Anonymous11221 day
Were you born with a weewee or a hooha? (Poll)Demon Asrael5181 day
Why do inbred toothless hillbillies...Demon Asrael5171 day
Should Bert NEVER be allowed to have sex with a woman again?Anonymous5181 day
I do not really like 'rap'..Anonymous13251 day
Attention Clones of the 1 and only Quality 4 Real Syntax. Ski Vacation 1PM 1-20-16 to 30th-32st JanSyntax17481 day
America- avg penis five inches..Anonymous8201 day
Bert should move to Hong Kong. (Poll)Demon Asrael9212 days
ITT: Women that might consider having Bert's rapespawnAnonymous23272 days
ATTN truckerAnonymous11192 days
finally got a lil taste..Anonymous7242 days
everybody on this site sucksAnonymous8162 days
Is Bert the most hated faggot on the chans? (Poll)Anonymous14252 days
Bert, we are not doubting...Demon Asrael6212 days
What is the status of the Forced Euthanasia Lobby?Anonymous-122 days
have you heard m way ape in several months..Anonymous15232 days
the gubberment is dragging its ass on my tax refund...grrrrrr..Anonymous32322 days
do you ever stop and think how absurd cereal is??Anonymous2182 days
Bert!!!! What the fuck man?? You sick fucking piece of shit....Anonymous5262 days
TC Intermittent Book Club #???Anti !M6R0eWkIpk9272 days