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At the moviesAnonymous71113 minutes
Bert......Anonymous-41 hour
test threadlampshade1393261 hour
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Go to Sonic for their Master Shakes!Anonymous51719 hours
Just Downed A Bottle Of Acetaminophen..."But Nobody Came"DeadAnon52320 hours
Mass human genocideMass human genocide31621 hours
We must pray for the salvation of Berts hand - Hand Job apparently failedSyntax173021 hours
is this site related to !BkZ9MKvKeo27681 day
Syntax should send bert some money for hoochAnonymous2241 day
Cleverbot knows Bert apparently.Anonymous-191 day
Got some fresh autismAnonymous9581 day
Disco is not all that it is cracked up to be.Stolen Content II2171 day
How can people like Bert and TGcomix support a party and a president who hates them?Anonymous2231 day
look at the winter snow in igwakgwakthe devil-142 days
bert did you know the Vols sucked Cock again todayAnonymous3142 days
Is Szechuan sauce even that good?Anonymous4282 days
How To Troll The Police?Anonymous11262 days
hey syntaxAnonymous2202 days
LivestreamAnonymous2172 days
Bye.Anonymous8272 days
Attn: SyntaxAnonymous4242 days
I Want To FUCK Brian MolkoAnonymous2162 days
Would you KILL for autism? (Poll)Anonymous1172 days
London Teen sexually assaulted 3 times in less than an hourAnonymous3362 days
Would You KILL For Love?Anonymous4192 days
"Bleed Me An Ocean, Let Me Lie Beneath The Sky. Teach Me How To Die..." Post Macabre Shit Here.Anonymous3142 days
"Better To Stand Alone With The #Truth, Than In The Company Of Lies"Anonymous4232 days
Notice: if you are "Home Alone Tonight"Anonymous3212 days
Dropping Acid Tonight, Please Post Trippy GIF's & VidsAnonymous6243 days
How To Seduce A Nurse?Anonymous14413 days
how's the job going bert?Anonymous2243 days
Hey Racist War-Monger (Donald J. Trump) RED LIPS LIKE TENTHEco4153 days
guillotine (Poll)Donald Trump2193 days
How Should I Kill Myself? (Poll) (Poll)Anonymous17373 days
Describe Your Ideal PartnerAnonymous11323 days
A man of nine, quite an early dayAnonymous-163 days
Crying CrimsonAnonymous10273 days
Satan is meant to be hailed by all ages.Anonymous2283 days
Purple Pubic Hair Tickles My Pickle...Anonymous12323 days
Please someone tell me who these fuckers areAnonymous-323 days
Claim Your Musical 'Waifu'Eco7293 days
Follow Me On Twitter, Fuck-tards!Ryan Rabbithole6293 days
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My Battles With Addiction, Mental Illness & Suicidal IdeationRyan Rabbithole17374 days