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Ephesians 2:4..................................(also...I have a confession to make).Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U37255 minutes
Attn: DeadAnonymous92437 minutes
How does Fatt Fucker earn enough income to afford Apple products?Anonymous92211 hours
Its is now past 3pm Jerusalem time. (Poll)Anonymous72011 hours
So like it is Sunday the 24th 9-24-2017 and all is normal all over Planet EarthSyntax51815 hours
Who else will be celebrating together like it's New Year's Eve?Anonymous62320 hours
You should come to mewch.netAnonymous42121 hours
I'm afraid I must leave you now. Apocalypse is coming, I can sense it. See you on the other side!Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U17251 day
Braveheart is an amazing movie.Catherine !TGirlYJKXM9211 day
Breaking news: Russians actually did hack the electionAnonymous7251 day
It's time.Anonymous-251 day
It's time.Anonymous-151 day
what is your favorite writing utensilAnonymous-101 day
how do we combat the weeaboo menaceAnonymous1131 day
So since the world's not endingDead !Pool..v42s6161 day
UPCOMING End of World Prognostication's just to keep ya from being bored - More Nibiru-Planet XSyntax2171 day
Gonna go sleep nowAnonymous-141 day
Hope for a brighter tomorrow?Catherine !TGirlYJKXM-141 day
What game should I play? September 2017 Edition. (xpost from mc)brie6131 day
exhibit aWalt kimmo-121 day
The End Times Have Begun: Earthquake off the coast of californiaAnonymous6181 day
It's fucking happening, California tells it's citizens to "prepare for the big one"Anonymous4151 day
take down the illegal Disney world cloneWalt kimmo-101 day
Man who said the world is ending Saturday changed his mind. It isn't actually endingAnonymous6151 day
I found a pic of bertAnonymous7191 day
does anyone have proof of your claim TG is a pedo..Anonymous5231 day
apparently my last day to be warrantless.. [Mega bert whammbulence thread]Anonymous1922221 day
Quickly! post your end of the world tunes!Anonymous3161 day
Sir Padofla CityAnonymous2321 day
Can we mergeDead !Pool..v42s21241 day
TGcomix, did you know that LAGHOULS is back?Anonymous4311 day
Hey TGAnonymous18221 day
I can feel it coming in the air tonight. Oh Lord!Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U-111 day
When the world ends on September 23rd, what will you miss most?Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U21241 day
JUST GOT HIRED..Anonymous16231 day
You know this site's posters are retards...Anonymous1161 day
Bert, how is the job search going?Anonymous6131 day
Boss man still has not called..Anonymous7111 day
And so it arrives. The final day before the Rapture. Some information about my intentions...Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U33171 day
Christian woman avoids cancer medication to give birth insteadSyntax6121 day
how do you do it bertAnonymous18201 day
never gimps..Anonymous8141 day
Final DayAnonymous8212 days
The world will end on September 23rd, according to the Bible.Father Merrin !u5oFWxmY7U66712 days
TINYCHAN ALERT!!! beep beep beep ATTENTION ALL TINYCHAN PERSONEL beep beep beepTinyChan Alert System !tgGSjEtaes11422 days
So, when the world doesnt come to an end on Sept 23rd (Poll)Anonymous19272 days
Forget that faggot ass Tinychan Alert, someone hacked the orange country Emergency Warning SystemAnonymous1172 days
TGcomix just has the hardest time to admit that he is a child abuse fetishist.Anonymous10262 days