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BAN THE NONWHITESAnonymous-25 minutes
Home alone on a Fridey nite?Anonymous31027 minutes
attnAnonymous151 hour
Some like it hard and uncut.Anonymous6172 hours
Heavenly Palace is coming soonAnonymous282 hours
hoe schmoneyducky !MwWb.dJjRc12315 hours
bert pm meAnonymous2126 hours
Flat Earthers are moronic.Anonymous6209 hours
post rank: #115Anonymous7149 hours
Why is Mordor posting his shitty nigga raps here?Anonymous102779 hours
dblpostAnonymous-710 hours
The 500Niebelgeiser !tDLdMOwwO.113210 hours
Syntax is such a generous loverGrim Reaper82715 hours
Syntax licks the buttholes of surfer boysAnonymous123315 hours
censorship[LOCKED]WW3 !RaAAAAaGEs222417 hours
fucking shitAnonymous12020 hours
Is this the first thread where the Sprite Tinychan meme originated?Anonymous11720 hours
What Colour are these Tennis Balls?Anonymous42323 hours
shitAnonymous3201 day
Making fun of my being on the spectrum is abelist shitlord tactic.Anonymous3181 day
Bert ain't dead..Anonymous4181 day
Any single ladies on this site?Rich Jamaican2221 day
bert pm meAnonymous8201 day
Who would win in a fight? (Poll)Anonymous3171 day
bert pm meAnonymous1141 day
mod abuseAnonymous4281 day
Sec with MiiaAnonymous1191 day
Your mother sews socks in Hell!Anonymous68511 day
I miss The DoctorBeebs !gINgerDI6212281 day
FUCKING SHITAnonymous1251 day
only for you and for you aloneAnonymous24291 day
RAZERONEAnonymous-151 day
Sec with black hanekawaAnonymous12142 days
Anyone into Post Orgasm Sensitivity Torture (POST)?Anonymous6252 days
strategyAnonymous71292 days
If bombs weren't dropped on some pacific island inna 20th century videos like this wouldn't exist.Anonymous12202 days
mariaAnonymous2232 days
The future sixth bomb in TexasShawn in Montreal4262 days
heyAnonymous8242 days
Why is MC so much slower to accept Bert's passing than TC is?Anonymous35502 days
bert pm meAnonymous6162 days
hi, i am new hereMills9282 days
Anyone here remember TC's glory days?Anonymous5212 days
sekret menuAnonymous4202 days
syntaxAnonymous1362 days
mc zumo naranjaAnonymous7132 days
Mc TTEHAnonymous5112 days
ATTN: new moderator on minichanAnonymous12192 days
fight me right nowAnonymous8202 days
lol pornGrim Reaper2522 days